Erotic massages Bratislavatantra are currently a very controversial topic. In society, we can encounter many opinions and attitudes. On the other hand, they are actively sought after, not only in Slovakia or Europe, but worldwide. Their popularity is constantly increasing. Erotic massages are not an invention of the new age of the last centuries. They are thousands of years old, maybe even more than the known sources tell us so far. No other massages that we know from everyday life can compare to them. They are liberating, wonderful, they carry a long Indian history and give a person something that takes him to some other sphere of existence and thinking.


They have a much deeper meaning than just satisfying the physical human body through touch and movement, but this cannot be understood by people who shut themselves up and condemn erotic massages as an immoral, socially scandalous activity. There is a lot of false information circulating about these massages, and for that reason society has split into two groups that have their own opinions, attitudes, and truths about these massages. The first, and unfortunately the largest, is made up of the population that does not approve of erotic massages.


They do not agree with their principle, functioning, mission, course, teaching and anything related to erotic massages. The main reason for the outrage of these people is that they see – or heard – about the nudity that appears in these massages. The masseuse is naked, her client is also naked. And nudity automatically means sex and intercourse. Of course, the previous statement is not true, but it is one of the views of this group on erotic massages. The nudity present in erotic massages has its justification, which is that the massage is more felt, more intimate and more intense. Nudity and captivating atmosphere are also one of the reasons why erotic massage is far ahead of other massages. It is a unique touch game.